Granite is a naturally occurring rock. Granite has a medium to coarse grained structure. Owing to their mineralogy and chemical composition the color of the Indian Granite may vary from being pink to being gray. Chemically speaking granite is an igneous rock with at least 20% quartz in it. Granite forms major continental crust of the earth. Granite is a kind of igneous rock and is formed from magma emitted during a volcanic eruption.

Owing to its longevity Indian Granite stones have a deep rooted architectural significance. These days kitchen, interiors for flats and bungalows and all the paraphernalia related to decor is heavily relied upon granite. No wonder Granite was used to construct all the popular Egyptian pyramids. Now you know how durable the stone is. For buildings granite is specifically used as a dimension stone. It is also used extensively as a flooring tile. Granite has now become so popular that now it has almost replaced marble. It is now the choicest stone for construction across the world and India even more specifically. All this because of Granite’s durability.

Countertops are usually fixed above the cabinets in offices and kitchens. Besides offering a classic look granite countertops are heat resistant and have an innate ability to bear heavy loads without developing cracks. The significance of Granite countertops has increased in exponential form during these years. With an improvement in lifestyle and of course economy owing to mushrooming of multinationals, Granite counter tops is not just a rich man’s dream. It has become a dream that could be true for all elegance conscious individuals. A lot of refining has to take place before installing the granite as an integral part of construction. The natural, igneous rock that occurs is cut in order to suit a specific requirement and then it is subjected to multiple processing like: abrasion, sawn, buffering, honing, calibration- and many more to enhance the look and appeal of your interiors. Granite stone has to be protected from being scratched and stained. Range of granite colors is available in India. Just like all other interiors, Granite stones and countertops have to be taken care of.

Granite stone that has been processed for external use comes in various finishes that suits a specific purpose. For example granite slabs that are honed, subjected to water jet, cleft, sanded, grit blasted, finish textured and many more are just the ones you would love to furnish your interiors or for that matter even exteriors with. All you have to do is to pay a personal visit or order for sample pictures and select one that suits your requirement and satisfies your aesthetic senses. khetan Granites provides quality Indian stone manufacturing, exporting and supplying services. We can assure the best stone delivery from us in an utmost sensitive packaging format.

Absolute Black
Apple Green

Bala Flower
Balack Galaxy
Blue Pearl

Cheema Pink
Crystal Yellow
Desert Brown

Golden Juparana
Stee Gray
Imperial White

Indian Juparana
Ivory Fantasy
Jhasi Red

Kashmir Gold
Kashmir White Granite
Lakha Red

Lavander Blue
Madura Gold
Mokalsar Green

New Imperial red
Paradiso Classic
Raw Silk Pink

Red Multi Colour
Rosy Pink
Vizag Blue

Royal Cream

Marry Gold
Sapphire Brown
Tap Brown

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