Marble is the most elegant stones in its own right. The word ‘marble’ triggers awe and demands respect for its royalty. No wonder ‘Taj Mahal’ that was constructed in pure marble has kept the world under its spell for many epochs now. No wonder you want a house or an office brandishing its beauty and glory in marble.

Scientifically speaking Marble is a metamorphic rock. It is made of recrystallized calcite or dolomite. Calcite and dolomite are carbonate minerals. Marble or the shining stone is formed because of the metamorphosis (change of form) of sedimentary carbonate rocks. In India, marble stone is held in high esteem and symbolizes the aesthetic grandeur of any construction. Besides reflecting the royalty of the household decorated in marble, the stone also demonstrates the rich tradition which India is steeped in since ages and epochs. Marble is a blessed stone indeed. There are many physical characteristics of Marble that cuts it above the other stones. Some of the unique properties of Indian Marble tiles are: low index of refraction, relative isotropy, crack resistance and inherent softness. Because of the waxy look of marble it has been the choicest stone of the sculptors, specifically to carve human bodies in stone. Marble is also a very famous and oft used building stone. The Marble stone is used in the making of countertops, slabs and tiles. Marble stone besides offering an irresistible beauty also reflects the affluence of the owner.

Marble stone has a typical interlocking of carbonate crystals which offers it a brilliant sheen. Pure white Indian marble stone is formed due to metamorphosis of limestone or dolomite protolith. The colors, the swirls and the veins of the Marble stone could be attributed to the mineral impurities present within.

The royal stone is available in many varieties and each variety is unique in its own right. The Makrana marble is the indigenous to the Indian Subcontinent. It is a white Marble variety. However many more popular varieties that are important across the world are: Bucova Marble, Murphy Marble, Forest Green, Parian Marble, Green Onyx, Swedish Green Marble, Yule Marble, Pink marble, Pink Onyx and the list is potentially endless.

If you are going for countertops, tiles or any other furnishing in an Indian environment yu can comfortably choose marble over the rest of stones. The reason that marble comes in an exuberant range of shades could be one valid reason to zero in on marble. With color ranges from Antique cream, Bianco Imiza, Blue Marble, Calacatta Oro and Calacatta Gold and many many more, I bet Marble compliments your décor like no other stone. One can also toy with the idea of remodeling the kitchen. You can have a beautiful kitchen set in wood and Indian Marble slabs and countertops.

A beautiful thing like Marble should be taken care of religiously. Marble needs great care and protection. Keep it free from scrapes and stains. It is always better to wipe the spills on countertops immediately. One has to keep the marble countertop free from acidic stains-such as citric acid and alcohol. khetan Granites is one of the quality Indian stone exporters and suppliers.


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Rainforest Green 01

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