Sandstone is the classic stone of the sedimentary rock family. If you want to give a retro look to your kitchens, offices, homes or any other interior/exterior you can surely go for sandstone. The Indian sandstone tile gives a castle like environment around or something like the woods which would trigger your nostalgia. Sandstone primary comprises sand-sized minerals or rock grains. The primary components of sandstone are quartz and feldspar and these are the primary components of the earth’s crust too. Although sandstone is obtained in any color the most popular colors in which the stone is available are tan, white, K. black, brown, yellow, red, gray and Bansi Pink.

The porosity of sandstone is on the higher side and makes it a natural aquifers and petrol reservoir. It is the natural ability of the stone to allow large quantities of percolation. Sandstone is a fine grained aquifer that effectively filters out other impurities while naturally collecting petrol and other Our Books.

It is amazing to know that sandstone has been the most preferred material for construction since almost prehistoric times. The Indian sandstone is relatively soft and because of this quality it becomes easier to carve sandstone. Besides being popular building/constructional material, sandstone that has a relatively lower rate of weathering is also used for constructing fountains, pavements and many more. Sandstone slabs, fountains, statues, chisels, beverage coasters, doorways are some more things that are sandstone based. Sandstones can be found as ‘arenites’ and ‘wackes’. Arenites are texturally clean and wackes are texturally dirty. The texture clarity comes into existence owing to the interstitial pore size of the stone. Greater the pore size lesser the clarity and vice-versa.

Because natural Indian sandstone is very hard it becomes ideal to be used as building material. Sandstone owes its strength to the consolidation of sand particles over many years through a natural cementing substance ‘Silica’.

Sandstone is the youngest of the stones belonging to the quartz family, but interestingly it is oft used building material. Sandstone slabs, countertops are very popular and gaining both recognition and greater interest these days. Sandstone flooring and use of sandstone tiles is gaining importance like never before.

Sandstones are manageable and can be cut to the required size and requirement. Once can choose the best sandstone from the array of available varieties. Be it countertop, slab, fountain or tile, conditioned sandstone and answer your requirement very elegantly. You can also choose from a plethora of finishes available in order to cater to your requirement. The finishes range from honed, calibrated, polished, flamed to natural. The color choice and range compliments the requirement too.

Sandstone is an intelligent choice for seashore constructions. Sandstone has greater acidic and thermal resistant properties over other stones, hence it becomes an ideal choice for modeling panels, beams, pavements, roofs, doorways, arches, windowsills and walls and in fact everything that goes into the narrative of construction.
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